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Adjusting Slippage on BroccoliSwap

Price Slippage refers to the variance in the expected token price at the time of initiating a swap versus the actual price received upon completion. It occurs due to market movements during the transaction process.

BroccoliSwap introduces features like auto-slippage and a token fee checker to optimise your trading experience. The platform automatically sets the slippage tolerance, factoring in LP fees, swap type (same-chain or cross-chain), and token fees to ensure the most favourable swap outcomes.

To monitor slippage for your swap:

  • Setup your swap and then navigate to the slippage settings icon located at the top right of the swap interface
  • Here, you can view the auto slippage setting and calculation.

Should you wish to customise your slippage settings:

  • Click on the settings icon.
  • From there, access the slippage settings where you'll find the option to toggle between "Auto" and "Custom" slippage modes. Choosing "Custom" lets you specify your preferred slippage percentage for the swap.

Setting the slippage too low might cause the transaction to fail due to market fluctuations. Conversely, a high slippage setting could result in receiving fewer tokens than anticipated. For instance, a 25% slippage setting could potentially reduce your token receipt by 25% compared to the swap preview.

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