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How to revoke token approval

Before executing your first swap on BroccoliSwap, you must grant permission by approving the token you wish to swap, allowing BroccoliSwap to access it from your wallet. However, there might be instances where you'd need to revoke this approval due to reasons such as:

  • Suspected wallet compromise,
  • Desire to modify the approved token amount,
  • Aiming to minimise the risk of token theft.

Remember, after revoking a token's approval, re-approval will be required for future swaps on BroccoliSwap, incurring network fees.

Steps to Revoke a Token Approval:

  1. Navigate to the “approval checker” feature available on various block explorers, depending on your blockchain of choice:

    • Ethereum
    • BNB
    • Polygon
    • Arbitrum
    • Avalanche
    • Fantom
  2. Enter your public wallet address in the provided field.

  3. Proceed to revoke the token approval from BroccoliSwap.


Please be aware that revoking a token's approval does incur network fees. This action is different from simply disconnecting your wallet from a decentralised application (dapp).

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