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What is a Token Fee?

A token fee, also known as token tax, refers to the charge applied when purchasing, selling, or transferring a particular token.

Such tokens, known for incorporating transaction fees, are termed fee-on-transfer tokens. These fees are predetermined by the creator or issuer of the token and are directly collected by them, not by trading platforms like BroccoliSwap.

For a transaction involving these tokens to proceed, any applicable buy or sell fees must be cleared. This means if the token in question implements a fee for buying, selling, or transferring, this charge must be satisfied for the transaction to go through.


DEGENX - The creator of BroccoliSwap, uses DGNX as its governance token and DGNX carries a token fee of 0.3%, this fee will be visible in the BroccoliSwap interface under the terms 'Input token sell tax' or 'Output token buy tax', contingent upon the direction of the swap.

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