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Tokens not showing in wallet

Here are a few reasons why tokens might not show in you wallet after swapping on BroccoliSwap:

Only Approved the Token, Not Swapped It:

In the world of BroccoliSwap, and indeed across most platforms dealing with ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum network, you're required to authorize a smart contract to manage the tokens on your behalf. This permission is granted through what's known as an "approve transaction." You need to do this once for each ERC20 token you wish to swap. To verify if you've only approved the token without completing the swap, check your transaction history on the BroccoliSwap interface by accessing your account details. If you find that you've only executed an approve transaction, head back to the platform, reselect your tokens and the amount you wish to swap. This time, the approval step should be bypassed, allowing you to proceed with the swap.

For further details approval transactions, check out our guide, "What is an Approval Transaction?"

Your Wallet Hasn't Recognised the Token:

Not all wallets automatically display every token type, particularly newer or less common ones. If your swapped tokens aren't visible, you may need to manually add the token using its address and relevant details into your wallet. This ensures the token appears and is accessible within your wallet interface. Guides on how to do this are available for most popular wallets, including MetaMask and Trust Wallet.

If you've checked these areas and still don't see your tokens, ensure your wallet is set to the correct network. Additionally, you can verify the success of your transaction by reviewing its details on a blockchain explorer like Etherscan. This step will confirm whether the swap was completed as expected.

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