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DGNX - How to Buy

DGNX is now available on Avalanche and Ethereum networks!

You can seamlessly exchange any token from ETH, BSC, AVAX, ARB, MATIC, or FTM (and more soon!) through BroccoliSwap - DGNX's dedicated Multi-Chain Swap Aggregator. This platform ensures you receive the best prices available.

BroccoliSwap LogoBroccoliSwap Logo
  • Easy-to-use Platform.
  • Compatible with numerous tokens, decentralised exchanges (DEXs), and bridges.
  • Automatically distributes trades across DEXs to secure the best rates.
  • One-Step Bridge Transaction.
  • Auto Slippage: Adjusts automatically for the best trade performance.
  • Bridge Verification and Repair Feature.
  • Alternative Routing Options.
  • Competitive Fees.
  • Free Pro Features.

BroccoliSwap Guide (For Beginners)

This guide will help you to buy DGNX on Avalanche and Ethereum networks. BroccoliSwap can be used to trade many tokens across many networks, but here we will focus on how to buy DGNX using MetaMask wallet.


Network gas fees fluctuate and can be higher at times of increased network traffic. Ensure you have enough native network tokens before you swap!

Buy DGNX with AVAX on BroccoliSwap (Avalanche C-Chain network):

  1. Open your crypto wallet and find the DApp browser within.

  2. In the DApp browser's search bar, type in

  3. Click on the "Connect Wallet" button located in the top right corner of the page. Select your wallet from the options, then choose the specific wallet you wish to connect. Click "connect" to establish the connection to BroccoliSwap with your chosen wallet.

  4. Swapping Cryptocurrencies: Now, let’s swap AVAX for DGNX on the Avalanche Network. Under ‘You Pay’, select "Avalanche Network" and then choose "AVAX". You can search for the token by name, symbol, or contract address. Always verify the correct contract address of the token you're trading. Remember, trading requires native network tokens for gas fees. For example, BNB for Binance Smart Chain, ETH for Ethereum, and AVAX for Avalanche.

  5. In the ‘Receive’ field, also select "Avalanche Network" and then "DGNX". Ensure to verify the contract address here as well. Enter the amount of AVAX you wish to swap in the ‘You Pay’ section. BroccoliSwap will automatically find the best trading route, offering you the best rates by comparing multiple decentralised exchanges.

  6. BroccoliSwap includes an auto-slippage and token-tax calculation feature, though you can manually adjust these if needed in the slippage settings above the swap interface. Once satisfied with the details, click the "swap" button at the bottom of the page.

    • The approval transaction allows BroccoliSwap permission to swap the token you granted approval for from your wallet. You have to complete an approval transaction for every token you want to swap using BroccoliSwap. This transaction requires network fees. (This message is a Permit2 signature).
  7. Click ‘swap’ again, you’ll get a confirmation message if successful. If it fails, follow the on-screen instructions from BroccoliSwap for troubleshooting.

  8. Checking Your Wallet: You should now see the DGNX tokens from the swap in your crypto wallet.

Congratulations on your first trade on BroccoliSwap! Repeat these steps for any future trades, adjusting the input and output tokens as necessary.

Key Info

DGNX Contract Addresses

  • DGNX on Avalanche: 0x51e48670098173025c477d9aa3f0eff7bf9f7812

  • DGNX on Ethereum: 0x0000000000300dd8B0230efcfEf136eCdF6ABCDE


Transaction fees on DGNX are as follows:

  • Buy 0.3%
  • Sell 0.3%
  • Transfers 0%

Add DGNX as Custom Token in Your Wallet

If DGNX is not visible in your wallet, add DGNX as a custom token using the information provided below for Avalanche or Ethereum networks.

DGNX - Avalanche C-Chain

Contract: 0x51e48670098173025c477d9aa3f0eff7bf9f7812
Symbol: DGNX
Decimals: 18

For specific guides on how to add custom tokens to your wallet, follow the link below for your wallet provider:

TrustWallet Add Token Guide

SafePal Add Token Guide

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