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DEGENX is a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO) built on the Avalanche blockchain. With its native governance token, DGNX, DEGENX enables users to have a say in the development and management of the ecosystem. DEGENX DAO is facilitated through Tally, a platform that supports DAO governance by allowing users to create and vote on proposals.

DAO Key Features

On-chain Governance with Delegation:

DEGENX operates as a full on-chain DAO, allowing owners to propose and vote on new contracts to extend or modify the ecosystem. The governance token, DGNX, serves as the voting power, with each token representing one vote. Users can delegate their voting power to another wallet they control or to a trusted third party who will vote on their behalf. This structure enables decentralised decision-making and empowers users to have a direct influence on the platform's future while maintaining flexibility in managing their voting rights.

Community-driven Development:

Owners can decide on the direction and development of the ecosystem, including modifying or changing tokenomics. The DAO's structure encourages active participation from the community, as holders can make financial decisions for themselves and contribute to the project's growth.

Flexible Management of Funds:

DEGENX allows users to allocate funds for marketing, liquidity provision, or other purposes through community proposals. This flexible approach gives the community the power to shape the platform's financial strategy and prioritize initiatives that will best serve their interests.

Asset Locker:

The DEGENX DAO features an asset locker controlled by the owners, holding a TBC percentage of the total supply of 21,000,000 DGNX tokens. These tokens can be spent on marketing, listings, rewards, and other initiatives through community proposals.


Tally Docs


To participate in voting, you must delegate your voting power before a proposal becomes active. If you delegate it after the proposal is already active, you won't be able to vote.