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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of the most common questions about BroccoliSwap:

How much are the transaction fees on BroccoliSwap?

On BroccoliSwap, each transaction incurs a minimal fee of 0.25%, with 0.125% going towards DEGENX Liquidity Backing and Staking. Additionally, fees apply for using liquidity providers/bridges, but BroccoliSwap ensures you get the best rate for your trade.

When using BroccoliSwap, where are gas fees paid?
  • Gas fees are due on the chain where the assets originate, paid in the native currency (e.g., AVAX for Avalanche C-Chain, ETH for Ethereum).

  • For the destination chain, BroccoliSwap handles the gas fees, meaning you won't need native tokens there for gas.

What steps should I take if my transaction doesn't go through?
  1. Check you have sufficient native tokens for gas on the starting chain.
    • Retry the transaction for trades within the same chain.
    • For trades across chains, follow BroccoliSwap's guidance. BroccoliSwap's Auto-Fix tries to resolve issues automatically.
  2. If issues continue, reach out to BroccoliSwap Support via [ Telegram ] .
Does BroccoliSwap provide liquidity itself?

No, BroccoliSwap doesn't hold liquidity. Instead, it aggregates offerings from various tokens, DEXs, and bridges.

How does BroccoliSwap execute trades?

BroccoliSwap utilizes a broad selection of tokens, DEXs, and bridges, ensuring you always get the best value from your trades.

Which digital wallets are compatible with BroccoliSwap?

BroccoliSwap is compatible with leading wallets, including MetaMask, TrustWallet, SafePal, among others.

Why aren't certain tokens listed?

If you can't find your token, paste its contract address into the 'you pay' or 'you receive' fields to locate it.

How can I verify my transaction's status?

Use a blockchain explorer to check your transaction status. BroccoliSwap optimizes gas fees for speed, typically confirming transactions within 30 seconds.

Is using BroccoliSwap secure?

BroccoliSwap integrates Rubic securely, never holding users' funds. Transactions are direct through smart contract calls. Rubic's contracts have been thoroughly audited. More on Rubic's security at

Why do gas fees differ?

Gas fees vary by blockchain network, with some like Ethereum typically higher than others like Avalanche. Fees fluctuate based on network activity levels.

Why can't I see tokens in my wallet?

Post-swap, you might need to manually add the new token to your wallet, although BroccoliSwap offers a direct link for this after swapping. Confirm token details and balances using a blockchain explorer like or

What if my transaction is delayed?

Delays can occur with sudden network congestion, affecting gas fees. Cross-chain transactions might also take longer. Use a blockchain explorer for status updates.

For more detailed guides and troubleshooting, visit our dedicated BroccoliSwap Help Centre.

If you can't find what you're looking for, please get in touch with BroccoliSwap Support via [ Telegram ] .