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Broccoliswap is a pioneering multi-chain Decentralised Exchange (DEX) aggregator, masterfully crafted by DEGENX. It stands out in the crypto space by harnessing a bespoke integration of Rubic technology, positioning itself as the most user-friendly bridge and swap aggregator available today.

Key Features

  • User-Friendly Interface: Designed to be intuitively easy for newcomers while packing advanced features for seasoned traders.
  • Broad Compatibility: Embraces a wide array of tokens, DEXs, and bridges, ensuring vast interoperability.
  • Optimal Price Execution: Executes trades by smartly distributing them across various DEXs to secure the best prices.
  • Single-Transaction Bridge: Offers seamless cross-chain transactions without requiring gas fees on the output chain.
  • Auto Slippage: Automatically adjusts slippage settings to ensure trades are executed under optimal conditions.
  • Bridge Verification & Fix Button: Guarantees smooth transactions by troubleshooting issues in real-time.
  • Backup Routing: Ensures reliability with automatic rerouting in the event of DEX or bridge outages.
  • Low Fees: Charges a minimal total fee of 0.25%, with half of that (0.125%) allocated to liquidity backing and staking.

Additional Tools

  • Swap Link Generator: Allows users to create direct links for trading their favourite tokens effortlessly.
  • Pro Features: Offers advanced insights including token information, charts, and security assessments at no extra cost.

Our Journey

BroccoliSwap was conceived out of necessity, addressing the difficult process of token swaps across different blockchains. Recognizing the often subpar user experience in the crypto realm compared to Web2 applications, our aim was to leverage our Web2 expertise to significantly enhance the EVM ecosystem's swapping experience. BroccoliSwap not only simplifies token taxes and slippage adjustments but also ensures transparency and trust by providing detailed breakdowns of these calculations.

A standout feature is BroccoliSwap's ability to verify the success of token bridges automatically, addressing potential swap failures on the target chain and providing immediate solutions. This functionality, among others, has streamlined the swapping and bridging process, contributing to BroccoliSwap's rapid ascension in popularity, with over $2 million in transactions processed in just a few months post-launch.

BroccoliSwap Pro and Future Developments

Following our initial success, we introduced BroccoliSwap Pro, a complimentary extension that enriches users' experience with additional tools like in-depth token analytics, security insights, and more. We are committed to continuously evolving BroccoliSwap, with future updates set to include features such as a personal watchlist, onramp integration, and beyond, ensuring that BroccoliSwap remains at the forefront of the crypto swapping and bridging domain.


BroccoliSwap Pro is in live development. We are adding new features regularly.

For guidance and troubleshooting with BroccoliSwap, check out our BroccoliSwap FAQ's or visit our dedicated BroccoliSwap Help Centre