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DGNX is now available on both the Avalanche and Ethereum networks. LinkBridge acts as a bridge, enabling the seamless transfer of DGNX between these two networks. But LinkBridge is not just a typical token bridge; it's designed to also facilitate the transfer of DAO governance decisions, including aspects related to tokenomics, across different blockchain platforms. This is made possible with the backing of Celers' cBridge. This underlying technology guarantees a secure and efficient bridging experience by leveraging a proven protocol and infrastructure. This integration ensures a fluid interaction with all supported networks within our ecosystem.

LinkBridge is fully integrated with BroccoliSwap, the multi-chain swap aggregator created by DEGENX, making it easy for holders to swiftly transfer their DGNX between the supported networks.

How To Bridge DGNX Between Networks

Bridging DGNX on Avalanche to DGNX on Ethereum:

  1. Access your wallet: Open your crypto wallet and find the DApp browser within.

  2. Navigating to BroccoliSwap: In the DApp browser's search bar, type in

  3. Connecting Your Wallet: Click on the "Connect Wallet" button. Select your wallet provider from the options, then choose the specific wallet you wish to connect. Click "connect" to establish the connection to BroccoliSwap with your chosen wallet.

  4. Bridging DGNX: Now, let’s bridge DGNX on Avalanche Network to DGNX on Ethereum Network.

    • Under ‘You Pay’, select "Avalanche Network" and then choose "DGNX".
    • In the ‘Receive’ field, select "Ethereum" and then choose "DGNX".
    • Enter the amount of DGNX you wish to bridge in the ‘You Pay’ section.
  5. Finalising the Bridge: Once satisfied with the details, click the "approve" button at the bottom of the page and then “Swap”

  6. Completing the Transaction: After submitting your transaction, you'll get a confirmation message if successful. If it fails, follow the on-screen instructions from BroccoliSwap for troubleshooting.

  7. Checking Your Wallet: You should now see the DGNX (Ethereum) tokens from the bridge in your wallet.

Congratulations on your first bridge using BroccoliSwap! Repeat these steps for any future DGNX bridging.

Add DGNX as Custom Token in Your Wallet

If DGNX is not visible in your wallet, add DGNX as a custom token as below for Avalanche or Ethereum networks.

DGNX - Avalanche C-Chain

Contract: 0x51e48670098173025c477d9aa3f0eff7bf9f7812
Symbol: DGNX
Decimals: 18