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STAKEX is an audited staking protocol providing a new staking methodology, powered by the DEGENX Ecosystem. It's a deployable protocol for projects based on EVM networks like Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Base, Arbitrum, Avalanche, and more.

Core Features

  • Multiple Staking Pools: Offers various staking pools, each with its own stake lock period.
  • Custom Shared Rewards: Pools can have one or more custom shared rewards.
  • Multiple Reward and Payout Tokens: Supports diverse reward tokens and multiple payout tokens using on-chain oracles.
  • UniswapV2 LP Conform Swaps: Supports liquidity provider token swaps.
  • GMX Market Support: Available on Avalanche and Arbitrum networks.
  • Infinite Staking Pool Option: An option that burns the staking token for lifetime rewards.
  • Reward Injection: Rewards can be injected by anyone or restricted to specific smart contracts and external owned accounts.

Management and Customization

  • Management UI: A user interface for managing the protocol
  • Post-Deployment Extensions:
    • Reward Assets: Add new rewards after deployment.
    • Target Assets: Add new payout tokens post-deployment.
    • NFT Composition: Add and update your NFT composition assigned to a specific staking pool.
  • Custom Fees: Implement custom fees for various protocol actions, including staking, unstaking, and restaking.
  • Block- and Time-Based Activation: Activate the staking protocol based on specific blocks or time periods for pre-event benefits.

NFT Integration

  • NFT Representation: Stakes in pools are represented as NFTs, which can be traded and transferred. Unique NFTs for Staking Pools: Create customized NFTs for each defined staking pool. Composable NFTs:
  • SVG Composition Tool: Design unique NFTs using four types of SVG elements (<rect>, <text>, <image>, and <path>).
  • Protocol Metrics as SVG Elements: Metrics are provided as <text> elements.
  • OpenSea Metadata Standard: Compatible with OpenSea's metadata standards for NFTs.

Practical Applications

  • Revenue Generation: If your ecosystem lacks revenue generation, gamify the staking process by adding individual fees for stake, unstake, and restake actions.
  • Pre-Event Activation: Use block- and time-based activation to enhance holder benefits from protocol fees before special events.
  • Custom NFTs for Engagement: Design and assign customized NFTs to staking pools to increase user engagement and provide a unique staking experience.

STAKEX sets the stage for token holders to be part of a pioneering technology within the DeFi sector. STAKEX is not just about staking tokens; it's about being part of a cutting-edge financial revolution that offers a fresh and profitable experience for its participants.