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DEGENX - Contracts & Audits

At DEGENX, ensuring the safety and security of our community is paramount. That's why we've committed to the highest standards of security measures for our smart contracts and team operations.

Before any public release, we ensure that all our smart contracts undergo thorough audits. Our team has also completed KYC verification process to further establish trust within our community.

All auditing and KYC verifications are conducted by, a reputable firm known for its rigorous examination standards.

Explore Our Security Measures

To provide full transparency and for your peace of mind, below are the links to our contracts, audits, KYC documentation, and GitHub repository. Feel free to review them to understand the extent of our commitment to security.

Contract Addresses

DGNX (Avalanche)0x51e48670098173025C477D9AA3f0efF7BF9f7812(View on
DGNX (Ethereum)0x0000000000300dd8B0230efcfEf136eCdF6ABCDE(View on
DGNXControllerV20x223b26cc3d0154ee9b625e94eb194940a8ca3867(View on
Locker0x2c7D8bB6aBA4FFf56cDDBF9ea47ed270A10098F7(View on
Governor0xbdA8dcEB22b0e06Ad612f339C41539Ea2ddCCEf8(View on
TimelockController0xC07017739f09778ccea0468dA7b8381f1967Eb95(View on
Legacy Disburser0x8a0E3264Da08bf999AfF5a50AabF5d2dc89fab79(View on
Liquidity Backing0x62320b483C422112DE64f3F621A3f57B993029C9(View on

Audits and KYC

PurposeAudited byAuditDate Completed
DEGENX[ pdf ]11 Jan 2024
Liquidity[ pdf ]31 May 2023[ pdf ]05 Oct 2022
DGNX[ pdf ]29 Aug 2022
KYC[ pdf ]07 Sept 2023