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DEGENX - Meet The Team

The DEGENX team consists of industry experts from areas including; Solidity and Full-Stack Development, Graphic Design, Marketing, Operations and Business. Our wide range of skills allow us to build from within and maintain our top secret 'DEGEN Sauce' that adds the heat to our ecosystem!

In the true sense of DeFi, we choose to remain anonymous and are known only by our aliases. But the safety and security of our holders is a priority for us. Our team has undertaken a full KYC verification process with

  • Solidproof KYC Certificate can be viewed here

Team Members

DanielTech Lead & Solidity Developer
RockFront End Developer
WeizenstarProject Manager & Developer
Degen ComedianDeveloper
Degen TraderOperations & Marketing
K9Operations & Business
Degen JokerDesign & Marketing
Degen Chief JawaDesign
RyanDesign & Marketing
Degen IrvMarketing & Community Management
BombaCommunity Management
EricCommunity Management
TrokeCommunity Management
JCMarketing & Community Management
StuartMarketing & Operations
Cyborg SheetsOperations