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Govern the DAO

Proposal Types

A DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) operates on a blockchain, which is a distributed and transparent ledger. It uses on-chain proposals, which means that all proposal-related activities occur directly on the blockchain.

However, there are instances where off-chain proposals become necessary. These proposals are typically used to discuss and decide upon matters that don't require immediate execution on the blockchain. Off-chain proposals allow for more flexible and informal discussions, brainstorming, and collaboration among community members. They provide an avenue to gather feedback, exchange ideas, and reach consensus before moving forward with on-chain actions.

Off-chain proposals can be useful for various purposes, such as drafting new proposals, discussing potential partnerships, refining strategies, or addressing community concerns. These discussions often take place in forums, social media channels, or dedicated platforms outside the blockchain.

Once an off-chain proposal gains consensus and is deemed suitable for implementation, it can be converted into an on-chain proposal for formal execution on the blockchain.

In summary, off-chain proposals in a DAO serve as a way to foster open discussions, gather feedback, and refine ideas before they are finalized and executed on the blockchain through on-chain proposals.


  • Organizational
  • Operative
  • Community decisions


  • Changing fees
  • Changing contracts
  • Disbursement of earmarked funds

Proposal Templates

# One line description that will be used as headline

## Description

Your description here...

## Proposal Summary

Your proposal summary here...