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Governance & DAO

Welcome to our visionary crypto project, where you have the opportunity to shape the future and be part of something extraordinary. At the heart of our organization beats a vibrant and robust DAO, fueled by the power of proposals. These proposals are the lifeblood of our decision-making process, giving you a direct say in the trajectory of our collective journey.

Imagine having the power to influence outcomes and contribute to the growth and success of our project. As an investor, you hold the key to unlock this potential. By holding DGNX tokens, you not only gain financial benefits but also a voice that resonates within our community.

Your voting power is a reflection of your influence and commitment. By delegating your voting power, whether to yourself or a trusted address, you wield the ability to actively participate in voting. Your voice will be heard, your ideas will be considered, and together, we will shape the destiny of our project.

Don't miss this incredible opportunity to become an integral part of our DAO, where your ideas, insights, and passion are valued. Join us on this thrilling journey and let's pave the way for a future filled with innovation, growth, and success. Invest in our project today and be the catalyst of change.


You need to delegate your voting power BEFORE a proposal is being active. If you delegate it after a proposal being activated, you will not be able to participate in voting.