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Welcome to the exceptional world of DegenX, a one-of-a-kind ecosystem brimming with cutting-edge DeFi Utilities. Discover the power and ingenuity that sets us apart as a secure haven for investors. With our meticulously designed tokenomics, the governance token, DGNX, boasts an ever-increasing floor price, ensuring stability and growth like never before. Join us on this remarkable journey and experience the future of decentralized finance in its truest form.

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Our strategic plan entails the initial introduction of DGNX on the AVALANCHE Chain (AVAX) through a carefully curated Private Sale. We will then foster organic growth and establish a robust foundation with unwavering commitment. Looking ahead, our future endeavors involve launching on multiple Blockchains, accompanied by our innovative in-house bridge crafted by our skilled Devs. This expansion paves the way for new investors to seize exciting opportunities and become part of our thriving ecosystem.

Experience the dynamic future of DegenX as we unleash a groundbreaking array of utilities and platforms in the upcoming months. These cutting-edge tools are designed to autonomously generate revenue, revolutionizing the traditional profit-sharing model. With a strategic twist, we ensure that every ounce of profit earned doesn't merely settle in wallets but is reinvested for continuous development and fostering positive price action of DGNX — the governance and utility token powering the remarkable DegenX project. Join us on this journey of innovation and reap the benefits of a truly forward-thinking ecosystem.


What is DegenX?

We are a community-driven project on the Avalanche C-Chain. What started as a fun project has evolved into an independent Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) led initiative. Join us as we work together to shape the future of DeFi and empower everyone in the crypto space. Together, we're making a difference.

DegenX therefore stands for the ecosystem which aims to be fully decentralized and seeing their investors as true project owners than just some random investors. With that in mind all features which are by the way custom coded by DegenX developers and audited will generate several income streams for the holders.

What is DGNX?

$DGNX - DegenX Governance token

DGNX is a decentralized and the governance token of the DegenX ecosystem, it is the cryptocurrency token that powers and benefits all holders in the DegenX ecosystem.

Hold DGNX and you have the right to propose or vote on proposals, lock token with the DGNX LockR which is the most advanced multichain token Locker on the Blockchain or stake DGNX or other token with StakeX smart contract.

DGNX is deployed on the Avalanche C-Chain with a maximum supply of 21,000,000 that will be migrated to other Blockchain in future without minting new tokens.


At the heart of our organization beats a vibrant and robust DAO, fueled by the power of proposals. These proposals are the lifeblood of our decision-making process, giving you a direct say in the trajectory of our collective journey.

Imagine having the power to influence outcomes and contribute to the growth and success of our project. As an investor, you hold the key to unlock this potential. By holding DGNX tokens, you not only gain financial benefits but also a voice that resonates within our community.


The team around DegenX consists mainly of like-minded people who have the same interest. And that is to make the project as successful as possible.

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Discover limitless possibilities and unlock unparalleled success with our visionary team! We are continuously exploring dynamic opportunities and fostering synergies between groundbreaking projects. Embrace the power of collaboration and partner with us today to embark on an extraordinary journey. Our innovative products are meticulously crafted to perfectly complement your project, ensuring optimal utilization and unprecedented results. Don't miss out on this golden chance to amplify your success - get in touch with us through Telegram, Twitter or Discord!


Our list of multi signature wallets with their purpose. All wallets are whitelisted on our DGNXController contract.

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Developer Wallet