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DGNX is now available on Avalanche and Ethereum networks! View all DGNX Liquidity Pools.

How Does DGNX Plan to Operate Across Multiple Chains?

DEGENX's governance token, DGNX, is set to embrace a multi-chain future through the use of LinkBridge, it’s custom bridge protocol, and interoperability protocols. This approach allows DGNX to easily hop between blockchains. When DGNX is bridged across chains, it's temporarily parked on the original blockchain while a matching token appears on the destination chain. Thanks to interoperability protocols, DGNX can move seamlessly between these chains, offering holders the flexibility to tap into the unique benefits of various blockchains.

Benefits of DGNX Going Multi-Chain

Taking DGNX multi-chain is a game-changer for several reasons, offering advantages over sticking to a single blockchain:

  • Enhanced Security: By spreading its presence across multiple blockchains, DGNX minimises the risks associated with relying on the security of just one blockchain.
  • Greater Scalability: DGNX can achieve higher transaction throughput by leveraging the strengths of different blockchains.
  • Boosted Interoperability: The move facilitates smoother interactions between diverse blockchains, knitting a more interconnected crypto ecosystem.
  • Risk Diversification: For those investing in DGNX, a multi-chain approach allows for spreading investments across various blockchains, lowering reliance on any single one.
  • Innovative Potential: With the flexibility to operate on multiple blockchains, DGNX opens the door to exploring new use cases and applications that were previously unattainable.
  • Development Opportunities: Removing barriers to other networks enables DEGENX to craft new and exciting products and services. These innovations have the potential to generate revenue for DGNX holders and enrich the ecosystem as a whole.

Expansion Plan

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Binance Smart Chain

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Additional Networks

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