It's a contract containing DegenX tokenomics. These tokenomics can be changed if needed. We're building a DAO which is charge of the tokenomics. The controller is wired to the DGNX ERC20 contract and estimates the potential transfer amount based on specific conditions. The controller is in charge of the taxation of the amounts transferred between sender and receiver. One of this party needs to be a trading pair. Once matching this condition it will extract all configured fees from the transfer amount, swaps it with the second trading pair so it can receive WAVAX. These amounts will be transferred to its desired destination.
The contract will boost the liquidity for the main pair based on a defined threshold.

Initial Thresholds

Liquidity Booster: 20 AVAX
Liquidity Backing: no threshold
Platform: no threshold
Investment Fund: no threshold
Marketing: no threshold
Burn: no threshold

Liquidity Booster (3%)

The algorithm in the controller will search in all pairs for the best price to swap into its base asset. Once the controller has enough DGNX collected and finds a best price hitting 5 AVAX it will automatically swap this amount into AVAX. These funds are stored on the contract until a transfer containing the second pair is done and distributes this to the configured Main LP.

Main LP

The main liquidity pool meaning the pool we want to strengthen with liquidity.

Liquidity Backing (2%)

The algorithmic of the liquidity backing is searching for the best price as well but this time there is a single swap made and WAVAX is transferred to the Liquidity Backing multisig wallet when the desired threshold is reached.

Platform (2%)

The platform amounts are split up into 2 parts when the desired threshold is reached:
40% of the collected amount will be transferred to the developers wallet (0xdF090f6675034Fde637031c6590FD1bBeBc4fa45) for his services to come. This value can be changed once a new controller contract is deployed and configured.
60% of the collected amount will be transferred to the Platform multisig wallet

Investment Fund (2%)

The Investment Fund amounts will be directly transferred to the Investment Fund multisig wallet once the desired threshold is reached.

Marketing (1%) and Burn (1%)

These taxes are transfered on every transaction to their desired destination.

Whitelisting multisig wallets

Our multi sig wallets are whitelisted on our controller to prevent taxation on the swapping action of DGNX/AVAX on e.g. our marketing wallet. When we are swapping we would be distributing taxed tokens into the exact same wallets, which would be redundant.



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